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meeting today between susan rice and lawmakers over deadly cons . >>> good tuesday morning. downtown san francisco low 50s no problems with visibility here although there is fog by the delta and east bay, temperatures held down today due to more cloud cover increasing throughout the afternoon about 60 around the bay, strong storm system by this time tomorrow. >>> 5:43. palestinian officials say yasser arafat's remains have been reburied hours after being exhumed as part of a probe into his death. two palestinian officials say samples from the remains were given to experts from switzerland, france and russia, the former palestinian leader died of a stroke in 2004. the underlying causes of death remain a mystery. >>> tomorrow night people living in san jose will get another chance to sound off about what they want in their new police chief, the current chief retires in january. he announced in september he will be retiring. the 25 year veteran of the department was promoted two years ago to replace retiring chief davis. now he's retiring amid deep budget cuts, lay-offs and low morale. at t
of the people on the short list for secretary of state. how susan rice is trying to appease republican leaders. >> first this morning's america's money report. >>> federal judge is ordering the tobacco companies to say publicly they lied about the dangers of smoking they must also take out ads that say smoke something responsible for 1200 deaths a day. congressional watchdogs say it is time to dumb the dollar bill. the government -- to dump the dollar bill the government says the u.s. could save each year by switching to coins public prefers paper money if you are the winner of the huge power ball tonight experts say take the money and run. whatever happens with the fiscal cliff taxes on the very >>> good morning. winds gusting in excess of 30 miles an hour at our coast, wind advisory throughout the entire bay area -- [ inaudible ] wind warning at our coast we could see winds there in excess of 60 miles an hour through 11:00 this morning. >>> we'll continue to keep an eye on those winds. residents on the peninsula will be keeping an eye on a slipping hill slide where a mudslide happened earlie
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2